• Bröderna Lindgren

    Pet Sounds Sessions: Bröderna Lindgren

    The Lindgren brothers are a Swedish sibling music duo.Mathias and Andreas Lindgren are sons of the children's book author Barbro Lindgren. With a focus on music for children, they have made music for TV shows like Allram Eest and Höjdarna, as well as the...

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  • Slowgold

    Pet Sounds Sessions: Slowgold

    Slowgold sung on several songs on Freddie Wadling's last album After the Rain. Slowgold participated as a band on the accompanying tour and is heard on the live album. In 2019, Slowgold won a Grammis in the category of this year's singer-songwriter with the...

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  • Gustaf & Viktor Norén

    Pet Sounds Sessions: Gustaf & Viktor Norén

    With their roots in folklore mecca Dalarna, born and raised on pop culture and parallel musically journey's, brothers Gustaf (former Mando Diao) and Viktor (Sugarplum Fairy) now join forces for the first time as a duo. This Summer will see the Noréns touring folklore...

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  • Joan

    Pet Sounds Sessions: Joan

    With a retro sound rooted in the 80's and 90's and similar to that of LANY or The 1975, Joan are carving out their own scene in their hometown, determined to make pop music flourish despite the local shortage of it.

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  • Georgia

    Pet Sounds Sessions: Georgia

    Georgia is a quality footballer. In fact, she has played for Arsenal’s ladies’ team. The Londoner is, however, more known for her drumming skills which she now has made a career of. No wonder since her father Neil Barnes was a member of the...

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  • Reputations

    Pet Sounds Sessions: Reputations

    The Reputations är i Sverige för Sthlm Americna, en festival som vi själva inte hade velat missa, men som tidigare bara gått att hitta i den amerikanska södern: En typiskt familjär historia där högkvalitativ musik står i centrum av gemenskapen. Först bjöd dom oss...

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  • Diskopunk

    Pet Sounds Sessions: Diskopunk

    Swedish sass-master-disco-pirates Diskopunk emerged in early 2016 with the release of their debut single “Antonio America”. With the power of slutty glitter makeup, violent disco dancing and the absolute conviction that every song is a smash-hit this five piece dance/pop group has been making...

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  • Linae

    Pet Sounds Sessions: Linae

    She describes her sound as playful but with a sensual undertone. Linae gained a following with the viral sensation; her cover of Maxwells´ Ascension. For the first time, live, she sings a fantastic rendition of The Isley Brothers classic, At Your Best.

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  • Donny Benét

    Pet Sounds Sessions: Donny Benét

    Donny Benét, the disco fanatic from Sydney is at first glance a quite comical character. “I just had to make myself more ugly to succeed.” he proclaimed. Which is clear in his “Konichiwa” music video. Donny, in a pink suit, lounges in what looks...

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  • Mabel

    Pet Sounds Sessions: Mabel

    The 22-year old daughter of legendary singer Neneh Cherry and producer Cameron McVey, Mabel was first seen in Skepta’s Shutdown music video. She was featured in the BBC Sound Poll with only 2 single releases to her name. Current single Don’t Call Me Up...

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  • Weeping Willows

    Pet Sounds Sessions: Weeping Willows

    Stockholm based Weeping Willows are a true gem. Since their debute in 1997 they've kept their fans in firm control. With lead singer, Magnus Carlsson, blessed with a voice sent from above, they recently launched the critical claimed album After Us. Enjoy!

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  • Koffee

    Pet Sounds Sessions: Koffee

    Raised in the Eltham View neighborhood by her mother, an occasional actor and a Ministry of Health employee, she sang in her church choir, taught herself guitar at age 12 on an instrument borrowed from a friend, and began writing lyrics inspired by listening...

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Date: 2019-11-18
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Pet Sounds Podden Keep it Smooth med Dan Backman & Per Åslund

Dan Backman och Per Åslund gräver efter smooth västkustguld i skivbackarna och namedroppar ohälsosamt många studiomusiker från Los Angeles.

Denna gång är vi upphetsade över Three little words, en platta som legat gömd på en hylla sedan början på 80-talet, gjord av gruppen 213 från Los Angeles. Lite kristen westcoast blir det förstås och några som mest gjort sig namn som låtskrivare. Att vi inte påpekar att Tony Sciutos Secrets in the night låter som Fleetwood Mac är obegripligt. Därför gör vi det nu.

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Date: 2019-11-04
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Pet Sounds Podden med Marimba Roney och Eagle Eye Cherry

Rutinerade musikjournalisten, DJn och musikkonnässören Marimba Roney har en podcast där hon utforskar olika teman. Till sin hjälp har hon gäster inom musikvärlden. Denna mini-serie berör frihet och i detta avsnitt träffar hon artisten och låtskrivaren Eagle-Eye Cherry. De samtalar om hur svårt det kan vara att vara fri i musikbranschen, om hur Eagle-Eyes fria barndom har påverkat honom, om gitarrens betydelse. Och om att Eagle-Eye tar med sig sovsäck på efterfest.

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Date: 2019-10-21
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Pet Sounds Podden med Tina Rosenfink

Tina Rosenfink har bjudit in Halloween-entusiasten Jennifer Andréasson för att diskutera utklädnader, festplaner och vilka låtar som är hemsökande bra. Happy Halloween!